Author Solutions Adds Another Company to Its Suite

Hunh? So who/what is Author Solutions? (For the really big scoop, go to the Writer Beware post here.)

What the Heck is Author Solutions?

Author Solutions owns a suite or stable of self-publishing venues: iUniverse, Xlibris, AuthorHouse, and, its most recent acquisition, Trafford.

Complaints On the Way--Or Not?

According to the Writer Beware post, iUniverse and Xlibris had minimal complaints until being acquired. Is Trafford headed for the same level of complaints as AuthorHouse has had?

As Victoria noted when Xlibris was bought out, this lessens the self publishing field, and that's not a good thing. Competition is good for business because it helps to keep prices down, or at least at a reasonable dollar amount. (You don't like the prices at one car detailing place, you go to another and another, etc.)

Only time will tell if Trafford will suffer the same fate.

And, of course, the writer will be the one suffering the brunt of this.

Oy vey.

Love and kisses,

~Nancy Beck


New magazine

Holly Lisle's going to be starting up a Fantasy & Science Fiction (F&SF) magazine called Rebel Tales (thanks to Angie for the head's up).

The guidelines are here.

As I write this, she hasn't yet started accepting submissions, but it sounds to me like you better follow her guidelines exactly as she has them written (which only makes sense; but I guess some submitters might try to skirt that). As she said, the magazine's going to have her name on it, so she wants everything to be her way (or it's the highway for you, Jack).

I'll probably post again once I see that she's accepting submissions. (Or you can just bookmark that page, like I'm about to do, and see for yourself. :-))

Love and kisses,

~Nancy Beck