To help fiction writers is why I'm here!

Help Against Scammers

I absolutely abhor vanity presses that falsely claim to be publishers, bottom-feeding agents who try to come between you and your money, and other charlatans who try to extract money from you.

I'm not the be-all and end-all of this stuff (and I've linked to pertinent posts on other sites), but I try to use what I've learned to try to enlighten as many people as possible. This way, whether you're just starting out or have a decent idea what's going on, you can sidestep the scammers.

Writing Tips, Advice, and Techniques

Writing Tips - I've included those I've picked up, and I've also commented on those found on other sites (with links, where appropriate).

Writing Advice - This is usually a reaction to something I've read; I try to be as fair as possible, because if I'm emotional on an issue, it clouds my thinking. And I will retract something I've stated if I find out I'm wrong (which doesn't happen very often, heh :-)).

Writing Techniques - These are on the heels of tips. I've started a series of Finish the Sentences, to try to get your brain going again if it's stuck. (It happens, even to me. ;-))

Publishing News

From time to time, I'll offer up news from publishing that I find A) interesting or B) related to fantasy in some way, shape, or form (sometimes both).

My Writing

I'll update my word counts and where my fantasy writing is headed.


I write reviews on fantasy novels I've read. We're not talking quick skims or reading the blurbs on the backs of books. I read each and every novel I review to the end. Lately, I've hit a solid streak of good books, so books that are pure dreck are currently in short supply. ;-)

I'll also review books that I've found helpful in my writing endeavors. Again, these are books that I've also gone through and used. And I'll probably flog them, too.

Rest assured: I will not promote a book or other product that I haven't personally used. Period.

Why? Because I dislike sites where the site owner hasn't actually used the products being promoted. I can't be like that. So rest assured I've actually used or read that particular product I'm promoting.

Anything Else?

Vid Friday is a new addition.  Most will be interviews with writers, specifically those whose books I've read.  I'll also throw in some fun stuff from time to time - because I can! :-)

Also: links, links, and more links. Most are to blogs, including those for editing/editors, literary agents, watchdog groups, and fantasy writer blogs (although some of the last have regular websites). I've also included a blogroll to those blogs I like visiting on a regular basis (and think you should, too).

Enjoy the site!


advocate said...

After fully participating in the brick and mortar business world for a number of years, I am acutely aware of the greedy hypocritical and vicious nature abounding in the world----so, I am not sure where to submit anything. I have a 3,500 word stand alone chapter or possible screenplay and certainly a novel---but where to start?