Happy New Year!

I figured something to bring in the new year was appropriate. :-)  And since I've always liked Abba (it's not a guilty pleasure, just a simple pleasure), enjoy - and have a happy and safe new year!


Video - What Literary Agents Want

If you want an idea as to what agents want, check out this YouTube video (from a Backspace Writers conference):




Hello world!

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Trying Again

I aspire to writing novels, specifically, novels with a fantasy bent.  My current WIP (Work In Progress) is historical fantasy, since I love to read about history (and create my own ;-)), but I'm open to other sub-genres in fantasy.

I tried my hand at a blog before, but it got bogged down with too much personal stuff near the end.  I'm determined not to do that again.  I'll be tweaking the appearance as I go along, so bear with me on that, but this is going to be me musing on my writing, reporting how many words I wrote (or didn't write), how far along my edits are, etcetera, etcetera.

And I'll do book reviews, too.  Only fantasy novels, of course.