I totally re-did Chapter 10 (the first scene, anyway), and came away with 1,750 words.

And they're not dreck. To be sure, none of this is completely fleshed out, but this is much more satisfying than my original try. It's keeping in line with the story, it moves the story forward, it imparts some interesting information that'll be important down the line (that foreshadowing stuff)...all good, good, good.

And I even kept in the workout, but it's only a few lines, and it comes at the end of the scene, when she really needs to clear her mind (after Diego tells her something that upsets her no end).

I'm hoping to finish Chapter 10 in the next couple of days.

Don't give up - keep writing!


Southern Writer said...

Just stopping by to say hi, Nancy. Hope the writing is moving along.

~Nancy said...


Hi, yourself! :-)

Yuppers, it's moving right along. I did some writing this morning, because this afternoon has been nothing but frustration. I'm amazed I'm not bald at this point. ;-)

PDFs and the government - bah!

Southern Writer said...

I've had one of those days, too. Three of them in a row, in fact. I may just stay in bed tomorrow.

~Nancy said...

I probably should've stayed in bed all last week.

I thought about taking today off because it's cold and dreary and rainy. Didn't do that because I'm out of my mind.

Oh well. At least my dogs are inside and will be nice and dry.

Verification word: pupepztl - a puppy pretzel! :-)

Buffy said...

This is just the inspiration I've needed.

~Nancy said...

Thanks for stopping by, buffy! :-) Glad you found some inspiration here.