Yet Another Entry the Same Week?

Why, it's prepos...prepos...amazing! ;-)

I stayed home yesterday because of the ice and snow show; what a horrible day. But I did do quite a bit of revising/editing. It was a tad harder than it should of been because I was having one of those brain drain episodes. ;-) I got over it pretty well, and renumbered the chapters yet again. Renumbering is pretty easy in the compact, free program I use, Ywriter. It's by a nice Aussie chap named Simon Haynes, who also writes (and has three pubbed novels to his name). He also has a bunch of other free programs which you might want to check out.

No, I don't get any remuneration (ooo, 5-star word!) from him. Just passing along stuff that I've found useful and might be useful to other writers. (Plus, you can carry around the program on any jump drive you might have, which is what I do; very useful for puttering around with your novel pursuits anywhere, even at work.)

So I've finished the first rewrite of Chapter 3 and am eagerly looking forward to doing the revision thing (and adding in the other POV, if needed) on Chapter 4. The other writerly thing I'll talk about, briefly, is the 13 Worst Publishers List over on the Writer Beware blog. Yup, PublishAmerica is on, as are others you might've seen on writers' boards on the Net (the ones that tell you to steer away from certain clueless or scammy publishers/authors).

Peruse it wisely, so you can hold on to your hard-earned dollars, pounds, pesos (you get the idea).

Don't give up - keep writing!