Is That All There Is?

Just a quick update to those in the know: The minor municipal thingy is over and done! :-) Paid a fine, didn't lose the license. Now to concentrate on the Big One That Just Won't Frickin' Go Away!

Ahem. Had to get that out of my system.

So...what news on the writing front, that is, mine, to be exact? Haven't done anything of late, as I've been preoccupied with trying to find new streams of income to keep the ship afloat (which I obviously won't get into here). However, I've been rethinking my novel WIP. I mean, it's been in the revision stage for quite a while, lol. After reading through two Stephanie Plum novels, To the Nines and Ten Big Ones, in as many days (am I a book bimbo, or what? ;-)), I realized the idea I have for my novel is kinda, sorta simila to those books; that is, tough-minded Jersey girl is forced into another career/job due to: Being almost out of money (Stephanie Plum) or About to lose job/support from ex-husband (Jackie, my MC).

While Stephanie's world is ostensibly this wacky, nutty world we know (although the amount of cars/trucks/whatever that have blown up or been burned to ground is staggeringly funny), mine is going to have a decided fantasy twist. This includes a secret society (think the Masons or any of those ancient Greek mystery cults) that includes real magic and a shadow police force.

Where does it tie in? It ties in in that Jackie is used to working in a corporate environment. She loves research - which will come in handy in her new job/career - but the magic stuff, having to deal up front with her Egyptian background and what her paternal grandfather was up to when he came to the U.S., having to deal with a certain medical background, having to deal with a potential lover...well, let's just say it's not going to be easy for her to cope.

But, dammit, she's a Jersey Girl (like yours truly :-)), and we can do almost anything.


I'm hoping to get back to writing in about a week or so, now that one of the two cases mentioned in the first paragraph above has been dealt with.

Hallelujah for small miracles.

And yay for Stephanie Plum, and toughie women all over the planet!

~Nancy Beck