Two Book Reviews

Thought I'd just update a couple of things.

DAW, 448 pages

About two weeks ago, I finished reading Karavans; I originally wrote about it in a previous post. I enjoyed it, although it got pretty dark (for me, anyway) at times. And disturbing. Ms. Roberson's style is easy to get used to and easy to follow. I found all the characters in this book to be interesting, especially the Shoias - one is pretty easy going, the other is ornery - and they're cousins ("that's what humans would call it," one of the Shoias says). Nice contrast.

What's also cool about the Shoias is that they can be killed 6 times before it becomes permanent. That ties in with The Teaching Company Cd course I'm taking at the moment on ancient Egypt; the ancient Egyptians were resurrectionists.

A good read, even though it ended in a cliffhanger (which I expected). I went to the local Borders and saw the next in the series on sale last Friday, but it's only in hardback. Sorry, I don't do hardbacks as a general rule, so I'll have to wait on the 2nd book.

* * *

Eleven on Top
St. Martin's, 368 pages

Didn't I say in a prior post I was addicted to this series? ;-) Anyway, I finished up Eleven On Top a couple of days ago. This one actually took a detour, as Stephanie decides bounty hunting isn't for her anymore; she tries jobs that she thinks are "normal" (whatever that means ;-)). She still manages to get things blown up and is shot at and...well, you get the picture.

Toughie Jersey chick. Yeah. :-)

I'm now reading Twelve Sharp. Since I haven't finished it, all I'll say is that Stephanie's back into bounty hunting as none of the other stuff worked. What's interesting this time is who she's looking for...not that there isn't the usual cast of whacked out, weird, and nasty FTAs (Failure To Appears) living in Trenton but not wanting to be rebonded.

And the usual cast of funny people backing up Stephanie, the best one being Lula, the former ho, former filing clerk (not that she was any good at that). Delicious!

So, to slightly twist a tired cliche...read any good (or bad) books lately?

~Nancy Beck