Writing Over the Weekend

Well, I did some more writing over the weekend, although not as much as I wanted to; the damned heat on Saturday made us order out Chinese rather than going to our usual watering hole (since the air conditioning doesn't always work so well there). And then Sunday...we were both utter lazybones. I don't think either of us left the property.

Made a couple of changes to the first scene of The Bone Eater, and moved on to Chapter 2. The first scene there needed to be worked on, and I changed Diego flopping over the body, which is a definite no-no in policeland. There were a couple of changes I wasn't happy with, as hubby seemed to need to talk at that point (and considering what he's been going through, how could I give him the cold shoulder?).

But that's what the revision process is for. :-) Still, my main concern was clearing out the rest of my ill-fated thought of bringing in 3rd POV through Diego's eyes; I re-read that and thought most of it was drivel, so most of it went out the window.

Although I'll do another two or three rounds of revisions, I feel like I'm on the right course with this particular story.

I'd like to work some more on this, but hubby and I have to go meet with the lawyer this afternoon (originally, the lawyer's admin called me and I set up the meeting for tomorrow, but the lawyer insisted on seeing us today; cross your fingers that it's a decent offer from the prosecutor [as opposed to the first offer, which positively sucked]). Whether I'll have the umption to do anything after the meeting...only time will tell.

Good writing, everyone!

~Nancy Beck