Hooray For My Teams!

Yesterday was a clean sweep for all New York-area teams. The Yankees, Mets, Giants, and Jets won!

It was gratifying to see the Yankees win, especially with Jobba striking out the last guy in the 9th. Yesssss. (Sorry to sound like Gollum. ;-)) And especially as my mother and her friend were at the game! That makes two out of two for her in seeing the Yanks win this year.

Before this year, she hadn't been to a Yankees game in about ::gasp:: 50 years! And you certainly can't put anything past her as to the scoring, etc., in baseball or football; she went to the Yankees farm club team, the Newark Bears, when she was growing up in Newark (her mother, who was born in Poland, loved going to those games, too).

Can't put anything past me, either. So there. ;-)

At least the Giants won a game, thank goodness.

Go Yankees!!!!!