My Works in Progress

I've officially shelved The Bone Eater for now; some of the personality traits I've decided Jackie should have are a little too close for comfort.

What is it that agents and editors say? That you should get your illness/whatever out of your system and then write? Yeah, that's what I need to do with this story right now.

I've gone back to the other story I'd been working on a couple of years ago. It's mostly finished, but I stuffed it too full of crap. The first chapter has been revised, and now I'm working on the second chapter, and hope to have that revised in a day or two.

I know that as I move along, I'm going to have to incorporate certain things I've thought would work better than my original thoughts. And the middle is going to be a bit of a mess. But I have some ideas for the middle, too, including deleting mucho words.

The ending is pretty much set (and it's kind of weepy, but it makes sense), but of course I'll have another look at it; never know what I can add or subtract to make it better.

Oh, and I'm going to post the first 400 or so words of this work in progress, which I've called (after going through three or four titles), Running Down a Dream.

~Nancy Beck