What I'm Currently Reading

It's a mystery, specifically, what's considered a cozy. The idea behind a cozy, as I understand it, is it takes place in a village, usually an English village, and it's filled with all sorts of characters you'd typically find in such a village, such as a vicar. I think it all started with Agatha Christie's Miss Marple character, and having just recently seen one of the 1960s movies of Miss Marple (quite delightful and fun), I decided, on a whim, to pick up this particular one.

As I'm not yet sold on it, I'm not going to give out the title. All I'll say is that it's unconventional, in that the person doing the unravelling is a working-class woman who has a boring job in a nearby village. But it's the type of job wherein she can hear some interesting personal stuff...

That's it for now. Whether or not I'll review it will be up to how much I like it. Even if I'm lukewarm on a story, I'll review it. It's only the outright howlers I won't bother with (and there've been relatively few of those, thankfully).

~Nancy Beck