Speaking of Romance Novels...

I just realized something last night.

I'm not very well read in the romance genre; the fantasies that I read have some romance in them, but it's usually not a heck of a lot.

But of the two romance novels I've read this year, Gentle Rogue by Johanna Lindsey, and The Greatest Lover In All of England by Christina Dodd, I noticed a theme that struck me as funny.

Both main characters are women pretending to be men (or in Gentle Rogue, a boy).

What the heck does that say about me? Maybe it goes back to my childhood, when I was a tomboy. Oh, I couldn't play sports very well, but I could talk them up without any problem, and I climbed a lot of trees in my day. And, I never got scared during assemblies when one of my friend's father brought in exotic animals; I was especially pleased with myself when I petted a couple of snakes, while silly girls not only wouldn't touch them but they'd often let out a shriek just going by.

No doubt I'm overanalyzing this.

Time to go back to my writing...and back to the online conference.

~Nancy Beck


April said...

Hmmm, I was a tomboy too. Now..now I'm a girly girl whose not afraid to get her nails dirty, and proud to be that way! I ride my own motorcycle, but I'm not opposed to ride on the back of my husband's. I like to hike and get all sweaty, but I like to get dressed up and be a girl. I don't think I would ever pretend to be a boy though!

~Nancy said...

Heh, I like to dress up like a girly-girl, too. :-) It's just that there hasn't been many places I've had to go to lately where I've really needed to - not even here at work.

Although, the times I do come to work in a dress or skirt my boss goggles, because it's so unusual to see me dressed up that way, lol.

Pants are way more comfortable.