Airleaf Victims, Unite!

Read up on this on the Absolute Write Water Cooler (see the sidebar for the link to the general site), and on the Writer Beware site. Apparently, Airleaf aka Bookman Marketing, has been spamming the hell out of people for a few years.

That would be bad enough.

What's worse is that Airleaf enticed enough poor souls to part with their money, to have their book, er, published.

Which makes sense in a few cases.

But Airleaf bilked these people out of more than $1,000 in a lot of cases. Well, Bonnie Kaye, who coughed up $1,850(!!) to Airleaf, decided it was time for revenge against this sham marketer and/or publisher (or is it both? Sheesh!). She's started a website to get back at them. It's called Airleaf Victims Fightback, and on it, she gives her story and those of others who've been scammed.

Good for her and 90+ authors who've decided to take legal action against the company in the state of Indiana. Go to the website and read some of the stories - one poor man was taken for $10,000!

Airleaf must be completely shameless. I hope for the best for Bonnie and all authors who've been defrauded. Maybe the law, at the very least, shut down Airleaf!

~Nancy Beck


April said...

That's so horrible. I hate that so many people are out there to scam and trick and delude other innocent, honest, hard-working people. Thanks for the heads-up, though I learned through research early to NEVER pay anyone anything to have your work published!

~Nancy said...

Researching ahead of time is definitely your best chance of not getting taken. Is it worth a few extra days or weeks to go through all that rather than being taken to the cleaners?