What I'm Currently Reading #5

After finally figuring out how to upload book pictures with my Amazon Associates link embedded within (yay!), I figured I'd post about what I'm reading.

It's a book I picked up several months ago. It's called Stolen Magic, by M. J. Putney. Apparently, it's the 2nd in a series, but it's not one of those books (at least so far) where the author expects you to remember what came in a prior book. (Methinks this is because the stories may be standalones, with nary a cliffhanger ending in sight.)

It's an historical fantasy, and it's set in 1748, just before the Industrial Revolution. Simon Malmain, Earl of Falconer, is a Guardian, a family of mages who try to keep rogue mages contained. Well, right off the bat, something goes wrong to the Earl: He's changed into a unicorn. (Cool.) He manages to get away from Lord Drayton, the rogue he's supposed to bring in. Instead, he barely manages to get away.

But Lord Drayton wants the unicorn back, for its magic. So one of his underlings takes Drayton's ward, a simpleton lass named Meg, and leaves her tied up in the forest, to bring the unicorn back...

I'm a bit further along now, and it's quite a nice read to this point. I enjoy combinations like this (that is, combining the historical with fantasy; SF is also enjoyable, as you will note in my post on Time and Again).

After that? Sheesh, my reading pile is, um, piled in a corner of this one room of the house. Plus, I've also got a few books at work, hidden away. (Mwahahaha!!) Anyway, I'm unsure where I'll go after this; I might go for one of the books at work, because I've given them short shrift lately.

~Nancy Beck


April said...

I have so many books to read...I have an addiction. As soon as I get some, I get some more. Lol. And so far I have no bookshelf. That's right. My books are all spread out between the basement and the computer room, in boxes. Yikes!!!

~Nancy said...

I have so many books to read...I have an addiction. As soon as I get some, I get some more.

OMG, that's me, too! ;-) I have 2 bookcases, but they're filled to overflowing. Right now, I have books in bags all around the bookcase downstairs. I really need to buy another, bigger bookcase! (Which will then fill up, and I'll have to buy an even BIGGER bookcase...ack! Does the cycle ever end? ;-))