Hallelujah - Airleaf "Publishing" Is Out of Business

A so-called "publisher" has gone out of business - Airleaf Publishing (aka Bookman Marketing, aka who-the-hell-knows-what else). They spammed the crap out of plenty of writers, but those were the "lucky" ones; the unlucky ones put up tens of thousands of dollars for...nothing.

If you were scammed by Airleaf/Bookman, don't throw away those emails or any other paperwork you have. You might want to check out the new PODdy Mouth's post here for more information.

Who says Christmas wishes don't come true? ;-)

~Nancy Beck


Airleaf Victims Fightback said...

Dear Nancy,
Thank you for informing your readers about the demise of Airleaf Publishing. As the organizer of Airleaf Victims at www.AirleafVictims.com, I am taking every possible action to see that people find justice against Airleaf and its owner, Carl Lau. If there are other victims reading this who have not joined our group, please write to me at Bonkaye@aol.com to join the battle. I will send you all of my weekly updates since August with lots of information about the fraudulence from authors and former employees, as well as steps you can take to make your claims.
Thank you for your help.
Bonnie Kaye, M.Ed.
Airleaf Victims

~Nancy said...


You're very welcome. I wish you and other Airleaf victims all kinds of success, including getting your money back.

Good luck to you.