Having Trouble Getting In Your Daily Writing?

I'm sure there are plenty of nudges to spark your writing (like writing prompts, although prompts have never seemed to work for me), and I thought this site, Black On White, looked like an interesting place to help with that.

I haven't used it yet, but it might be something to look into. It has an email ilst, too, which might be a great way to have someone light a fire under your butt just when you need it the most (like if you've been rejected for the 20th time or something).

Since writing is such a solitary pursuit, it's always nice to find people who understand where you're coming from and can offer their support.

ETA: The original link I had (the url of which was suggested by the website) has been changed, bringing you to the welcome page of the site. (Sheesh! The things you have to look out for!)

~Nancy Beck


Angie said...

When I click on that link, it wants to download an application to my computer. Ummm, no, I don't think so. :/ Do you have a link that just goes to the web site, with some info or whatever, with no downloads...?


~Nancy said...


Sorry about that; wasn't aware when the website suggested I use a different url to link to.

I've changed the link in the original post, and I'm copying it here, too: