To Be Read - The New Year

I'm still in the middle (or maybe it's the beginning?) of The Innocent Mage from Karen Miller, and I'm not sure at this point when I'm going to finish it. I've found it a pretty dense novel (for me, anyway), and I've found the changes in POV to be somewhat distracting. I might have to put this one off (and start again at the very beginning) to give it its due.

I've been reading a lot of non-fiction lately, mostly inspirational/motivational. Why? Well, when you've got bills up the wazoo, not much money coming in, and a court date looming, one needs all the inspiration and motivation one can get. (I be that one.)

One that I've read, and it's related to writing, is The Writer's Book of Hope, by Ralph Keyes. Inspiring, funny, and I actually got a bit teary eyed at some of the stuff he said, as if he were talking directly to me. (Sounds cliche, but I swear I felt that way!)

Anyway, I'll probably post that review tomorrow.

As for what's in my To Be Read pile...lots! :-) I want to get back into Maria V. Snyder's great Study series, plus I'd also like to start on Diana Pharoah Francis' (don't you just love her name? :-)) The Cypher, the first novel in her new trilogy. I just happened upon that book when I went to the bookstore a couple of months back, saw the cover, and bought it on the spot. It's a fantasy with a seafaring background, and I've always loved the water.

There are plenty of other ones, but I think I'm going to start off with those two, probably by this weekend (when I'll probably need a bit of an uplift).

~Nancy Beck


April said...

Happy New Year Nancy!

~Nancy said...

Same to you, April! :-)