The Writers Strike Is Over

Hallelujah! :-)

That's why I deleted the "I Won't Sell My..." graphic, once the news came out.

Well, actually, I deleted the graphic a couple of days after. That's because I wasn't in work on Monday and Tuesday due to my lower back pain (I've already seen the doctor, and am taking my meds), and didn't go in on Wednesday because of the cruddy weather.

Truly, though, I hope that the writers got their fair share. After all, without the writers, where would any TV show or theatrical movie be?

~Nancy Beck


Billy said...

People never think of the writers--just the actors, as if the story just materializes. But I guess if that happens, the writer has done his job--to be invisible and let his story speak for itself and be perceived as "real." But they deserve a fair shake and credit. It's where the whole creative process begins.

~Nancy said...

All of that is SO true. Writers have been treated like crap (and usually compensated the same way) for a long, long time.

I'm all for fair shakes and credit. Let's hope that this time the writers really receive that.