My Word Counts

I've joined the Writing Buddies site (I'll get more info about that tomorrow or next Monday), but I wanted to put down my writing for the prior days of this week since I forgot to sign in over at that site:

Monday - 123 words (approximate, as these all are)
Tuesday - 1,200 words (yay me! :-))
Wednesday - 380 words (no comments ;-))

And, of course, today came out to be about 350 words.

I'll admit that the 1,200 words day was for my Finish the Sentence thingie, but I'm including it anyway, as it is writing.

Right now, most of my writing is deleting a lot of useless crap. It's the middle of this WIP that's going to be the challenge (oy vey).

Happy writing!

~Nancy Beck


Liz Brooker said...

Nah. Sorry Nancy. Writing for our blogs is not counted. The challenge is to write words for a WIP or a new project. But never mind, you didn't know the "rules". I need to put them up on the website.

Nancy Beck said...

Whew - dodged one! ;-)