Tuesday Morning - Finish the Sentence #2

Thought I'd forget or wouldn't be able to come up with something, huh? (Me, too. ;-))

Anyhoo, this one's not going to be from off the top of my head, which tend to suck (at least at this point in time). This time, I'm taking a line from Connie Willis' Dooms Day Book.

Of course, I haven't read it, as yet, lol. ;-) I did a quick scan, and it sounds like a hilarious book (and it includes time travel - yum!).

The Connie Willis Finish the Sentence

In my quick skim, I was able to figure out that Kivrin is a woman who's being prepped to go to medieval times (1300s, I believe), while Gilchrist is the man who's prepping her. The setting is some sort of laboratory. Another thing: Kivrin is wearing what a woman would have worn during those times...but I'm not going to tell you what that was. (You can be sure it wasn't jeans and a T-shirt.)

The prep-room door flared open, and Kivrin and Gilchrist came into the room...
pg. 11, Dooms Day Book

What Happened?

Did Kivrin have on a long skirt, get wrapped up in it, and fall on her face? Did Gilchrist laugh her, where she cursed him out? Or maybe she got up calmly and punched him in the nose.

Or maybe something else happened...we're talking time travel here, so maybe somebody zapped into the laboratory from the 1300s, drew his sword, and lunged at them...

Let your imagination run wild; I'm sure Ms. Willis won't care ;-), and I ALWAYS attribute stuff I take out of stories or non-fiction.

Have fun - and I hope this helps to unstick your brain!

~Nancy Beck


Angie said...

Not playing because I've read the book a couple of times :) but I just wanted to mention that it's really not a funny book. It's a very good book, mind you -- if I'm recalling correctly, this was the one that got Connie Willis really noticed as a writer.

She does do funny very well, and if you're in a humor mood, I recommend To Say Nothing of the Dog. It's another time travel book, a loose sequel to Doomsday Book, but with a very different tone. Or if you can dig up her short story, "Even the Queen," that one's a hoot. :D I remember her Hugo Award acceptance speech for that one, and it was just as funny. [snicker] Let me know when you've read the story and I'll tell you about the speech. ;)

At any rate, Connie Willis is an awesome writer. Anything by her is at least worth reading, and most of it is great.


Nancy Beck said...

Thanks, Angie, I really appreciate all the info. I'd wanted to read something by Connie Willis for a while when I came across someone on eBay who was selling a box of her books - 4 for $4.00 was quite a steal, I thought. :-)

And, yes, To Say Nothing of the Dog is one of them! :-)

I'll let you know when I've read both and you can tell me about her speech.

Must. Set. Aside. Time. To. Read. Connie. Willis. ;-)