Monday Morning Wrap Up: 4/19-4/20

Yup, back to "morning" in the title because, damn, I'm actually posting this in the AM, lol! ;-)

Word Count

Here's my word count for the past three days, and my pithy and not-so-pithy comments.

4/18 - 100 words. Woke up with sinusitus on Friday, and it bugged me for most of the day.
4/19 - 122 words. Oofah, got these words in soon after breakfast. :-)
4/20 - 115 words. Something about Friday's words bugged me, so I went back and ripped most of them out.


Not mine - yet. ;-) Hubby's birthday was yesterday, so I cooked up some stuff for him as his birthday gift. The blueberry muffins were good, but the oatmeal cookies - not so good. :-( In fact, I thought they sucked lemons. (The lemons would've tasted better.) I think I used too many oats in the recipe; but, then again, they were in a recipe right on the oatmeal box, so... (Well, I have to blame somebody, don't I? ;-)) Anyway, I dumped them all in the garbage, although I did keep the dough; the dough has enough sweetness (still too much in the oats department, though), but that sweetness didn't transfer enough of itself to the baked cookies.

Oh well. I'll try it again sometime soon, decreasing the oats by a whopping amount, maybe even increasing the brown sugar a bit.

Interesting Sidelines

Hubby was born on a cusp day (April 20/21); I was born on a cusp day (June 20/21; I was born on the 21st, the first day of summer). Our birthdays are two months apart, almost to the day (I be the younger one, obviously ;-)). And, we were born in the same year (1962).

Well, I think it's cool. :-)

~Nancy Beck