Word Count Buddies

Did some later-night writing again yesterday (4/10):

108 words

Not a hell of a lot of words, but they're all new, as I have to transition from my original (sucky) scene idea to a better (less sucky) idea.

The only "problem" is deciding which way to go with it. :-) Ah, decisions, decisions. But it's cool; I mean, it's nice to actually have complete control over something, isn't it?

Mwahaha!! (That's supposed to be an wicked laugh, BTW. ;-))

Anyhoo, I also have an idea for a short story, based, believe it or not, on a Style network show I became addicted to earlier this year (and am STILL addicted to, lol).

I'm not sure if it'll get to the sending-out stage, but you never know. :-) And it'd be nice to have another pub credit to my name (my one-and-only credit is from a few years ago).

We'll see how it goes! Good writing, everybody!

~Nancy Beck


Liz Brooker said...

Hey, Nancy, that's great! All new words count. Don't forget to post them on WCB though. It would be fantastic if this latest one gets pubbed. I have my fingers crossed for you.

Ing said...

Just tried to leave a comment on your "Gaming Amazon" post, but I'm not sure it went through.

Anyway, thought I'd say hi and (belatedly) welcome to the Writing Buddies group. :) I've been stopping by your blog for several days now, and have been enjoying it. Glad to have you with us.

Nancy Beck said...

@liz: Thanks! :-) It's just a matter of cleaning out all the crap (and there's plenty, unfortunately) and coming up with better stuff.

I've already got the "movie version" in my head, but I have to do some more foreshadowing...and, of course, there's a major plot thingie (don't you love my technical terms, lol? ;-) coming up very soon.

Cut and paste is going to be my friend for a little while, lol.

@ing: Welcome to my blog! :-) As you can see, both of your comments were published; I generally don't bother with my blog on the weekends; plus I'm also lazy, so it might take a few extra hours during the week for me to give the green light.

I'll have to check out your blog - hopefully, sometime very soon! :-)