Word Count Buddies

Busy, busy, busy, but not busy enough to not write:

4/22 - 115 words
4/23 - 124 words

I'm in Chapter 10 now, and I'm at the point where events in the story are making a decided change (for the better, as far as I'm concerned. :-))

Doesn't make it easy, though. I decimated a lot of Tuesday's words, and yesterday's words...well, if I think they're dreck, they'll be history.

But I think it's time for me to move forward; I'll be doing at least one more look-see after this look-see (maybe two, who knows?). I've gotten stuck on stuff in the past, and I don't want a repeat of that.

~Nancy Beck


Liz Brooker said...

Well done on the words. Revision is no fun as far as I'm concerned. All those words that get ripped and shredded. Oh, I know that words are the ultimate recyclable resource, but it doesn't help, does it? I really get disheartened when I look at the total number of words for a chapter and find that it's several hundred words less AFTER I've finished editting it. It should be better. It is better. But that's no consolation as far as I'm concerned.

Nancy Beck said...


I know exactly where you're coming from.

Another thing, too, is that sometimes I keep going back to the same stuff over and over, completely convinced that I'll come up with something better.


Sometimes I do, most times I don't. If I give it a week or more, then there's a chance that I actually will think up better words - or delete them outright.

Ah, writing...never seems to get any easier, does it?