Monday Morning Wrap Up: 5/17-5/18

Word Count

I got so into the Indiana Jones special on the History Channel, that I completely forgot to put in my word total for yesterday (I wrote before the special came on, lol):

5/18: 258 words

Analyzing the Words

Actually, it'll be more like analyzing my current draft. I'm uncomfortable with a lot of the words I've written in the past couple of weeks (yeah, I know; there were a number of days where I didn't write :-(), and I think it might have contributed to my not writing anything on some of those days (the rest can be attributed to out-and-out lazines on my part and some personal things that just made me blue).

I picked up a book early in the year called, First Draft In 30 Days. I'll probably do a more in-depth review on this book at some point, but I have to admit what initially intrigued me was a plan, a nuts-and-bolts plan (don't you love these cliches I'm throwing out here? :-)) to write that all important first draft.

But the woman who wrote it, Karen S. Wiesner - a romance novelist - also has a section on analyzing your current draft. It's for those of us who know - just know - parts of what they've written aren't quite right, but can't say why. (I think I know why, even though I feel some of what I've written lately needs to be in the story to foreshadow other stuff.) So I'm going to print out up to the point I'm at right now - that's about 150 pages!

Still, it's been bugging the hell out of me, and I want to see what things Ms. Wiesner suggests. (She has quite a few romance e-novels out there, so I figure she must be doing something right. :-))

What Else?

With the demise of our watering hole, a couple of our friends suggested going to another nearby restaurant/whatever, a place we used to frequent a lot more often. The food was quite good, as we sat at the bar rather than at a table. What we weren't used to was the size of the bill; the Late Great Watering Hole was mucho cheaper.

And since our moolah is slowly slipping away, we'll have to be very careful the next time we go there (which isn't going to be every Saturday, you can be sure).

Yesterday, Sunday, was kind of a cruddy day, especially in the afternoon. Hubby begged off going to the supermarket on Saturday, and yesterday was the day. But he didn't feel well (probably because of his continued depression), so I went instead. I was a bit pissed off, but he made up for it by cooking a nice chicken dinner, with gravy and mashed potatoes.


I'm already looking forward to next weekend, when we have a BBQ to go to on Saturday, another one on Sunday, and the Indiana Jones movie on Monday! (I'm going no matter what the reviews say.)

~Nancy Beck


Liz said...

Hey Nancy! First Draft in 30 days, eh? that sounds like it could be interesting. I'll have to look it up. Maybe it can help with my new project.

You'll have noticed that the dreaded tag game is in town... guess what? You're tagged. 8 little known facts about yourself to be posted on your blog. It's supposed to be easier than working up a proper post, but if you believe that then I have this great investment opportunity I'd like to talk to you about. How would you like to own a lovely bridge that's not too far from your location? ;-)
-- Liz