To Be Read - The Start of an Older Fantasy Series

Well, after FINALLY finishing The Cipher by Diana Pharoah Francis, I decided to dive right into another book.

So What Am I Reading?

I'm now reading Devlin's Luck, by Patricia Bray. It's an older book, more in the epic fantasy vein. It's weird, but as much as I like to read epic fantasy, I have no interest in writing it.

No, not famous last words, as I'll qualify that: At least, not right now.

Right now, I'm more interested in historical fantasy. In fact, my next idea is a twenty-ish woman in 1929 storming Broadway. My thought is to make her into a werewolf, but with an interesting twist (I'm throwing some technology into the mix, although it shouldn't be too farfetched; and besides, it's historical FANTASY, so nonny, nonny, boo boo! I can do it if I want - as long as I write it convincingly.)

Um, Can You Get Back to the Book You're Reading?

Oh, right. Devlin's Luck is turning out to be a pretty good book. Yeah, there's the usual medieval European feel to it, and the MC has some powers he doesn't know he had. But it's not some slick-behind-the ears orphan; Devlin is a widower, in what I think is his late twenties. And that powers thing? It's not exactly powers he doesn't know he had; it's kind of hard to describe, except that he's accepted as the Chosen One (yeah, I know, yet another fantasy trope!), a guardian of the Jorskian kingdom, and...well, he heals pretty quickly.

That's all I'll say for right now, except that I find Devlin to be a grumpy but heroic character (but he puts down all of his heroism, all the time; I hope he doesn't do that throughout the series, because I fear it'll get tired after a while).

~Nancy Beck