Zombies in Egypt?

Oh, Evil Editor would love this!

Thanks to writtenwyrdd for pointing to the article.

Yes, It's An Article

It's at the website of the Archeology Insitute of America, so methinks the real world has finally come around to thinking zombies were - are? - real.

How cool is that?

For you fantasy writers, doesn't it make you drool and want to write something? Or at least beat your chest (not too hard now) and proclaim, loud and clear, "I told you academics and literary types that there were zombies!"

Or something.

~Nancy Beck


writtenwyrdd said...

Near as I can figure that article must have been in honor of Halloween. Still, amusing.

Nancy Beck said...

Yup - definitely amusing.

And who knows if it might spark someone's imagination? :-)

Ing said...

I already knew there were zombies--met a lot of them in grad school, and felt like one myself. I feel a lot more human now that I'm out. :)