Word Count - and Birthday (Tomorrow, That Is)

I'm such a scatterbrain these days.

Movie I Watched Last Night

I meant to put up my word count at the site yesterday, just after I finished watching a really good movie last night (an old one, naturally ;-)) - Bridge to the Sun, a true story about a woman from Tennessee who marries a Japanese diplomat in the 1930s, and when he's deported from the U.S. soon after the bombing of Pearl Harbor, she goes along with him. The ending was very sad; I had tears in my eyes as I went upstairs to bed.

So of course I washed up and went to bed. Silly me.

Da Actual Word Count, Man

Here's my word count for yesterday:

6/19 - 147 words

Amazing that I managed to get in any words, as my back (again) was acting up - I actually stayed home yesterday. I'm at work today, finishing up a project that's due on Monday.

They Say It's Your Birthday

And my birthday's tomorrow - the first day of Summer! LOL, I used to love the summer because school was over the year and because we'd usually go and visit family down the Jersey shore.

Now? Meh. I melt if it's too hot, and I never sit outside just to get a tan (I burn anyway, lol). I might as well just sit in a nice, comfy air-conditioned room and read a book.

Have a great weekend - whether it's your birthday or not! :-)

~Nancy Beck


Anonymous said...

Hey, happy (belated) birthday. Sorry I missed commenting on your actual birthday. I hope you had a great day!!

Ben said...

You may have escaped your flogging on the 19th...but not today. Flog!

writtenwyrdd said...

Hope your back is better by now! And belated happy birthday, Nancy!!!

I have a screwy back, too. I hate it.

writtenwyrdd said...

Happy belated bday. I thought I'd posted here already for that; but apparently it did not get saved.

writtenwyrdd said...

Nancy, where have you been? Still bashing for the birthday? Hope you had a good one, too, by the way!