Word Count


First, I wanted to say thanks to all who left a message re my low back pain. I'm not out of the woods as yet, but hubby has managed to do some really good massage back there. I'm also going to order a book on back pain to get some more ideas - not that I want hubby to give up on the massages, lol! :-) Hell, no! But if I can do other stuff (safe stuff; I can still walk around without any problems, so I don't want to take any chances with putting my back completely out of whack) when he's not around, so much the better.

Besides, it'll give the dogs a chance to butt in even more. ;-)

Word Count

I've managed to do a little writing today, after a break over the weekend. I'm working on this romantic fantasy, and if I carry it through to the end, I have no doubt that it'll end being more fantasy than romance. (Typical me, I tells ya! :-))

So the word count for today is:

153 words

Have a great day! :-)

~Nancy Beck