Crappy Mood This Morning

I was all set to go to work this morning, this after a Sunday where we got dumped on with more freezing rain/sleet.

Well, my front and back windshields were coated with thick ice, so I thought I'd hack away.

Except I hacked away a little too ferociously up front - little ol' me put a bunch of cracks in the windshield.

Uh, Mom? Can you spare about $200? (I sent an email for an estimate, so I'm hoping to get an idea of the dollar amount so I can have it taken care of this Friday; yeah, I know - Black Friday. Big whoop. ;-))

The car is still drivable (as I can still see out the windshield), but then I confronted another problem.

For some stupid/inane/idiotic reason, the people who run this town don't realize that the small street behind the house is, actually, A STREET. There are people who park their cars back there, and even use it to drive up and down (fancy that!).

And guess what? During a snowstorm or snow emergency, we have to get our cars off the streets for plowing.

Well, if the town bothered to plow the street behind us (School Street) more than once or twice, maybe there wouldn't be a problem of someone getting stuck back there and blocking the @($&!#@! way.

I can't even turn the car around to go the other way, as it's all caked with ice. Even my hubby wouldn't be able to turn his car around, and he has front wheel drive. See, it's a tiny road to begin with - only one car is passable at a time - and the snow and ice and the un-plowing thereof make it even smaller.

And, of course, they didn't put down any ice melt or gravel.

That's my rant for today. Florida sure looks good this time of year. :-)

~Nancy Beck


Anonymous said...

You put cracks in your windshield? Remind me never to make you mad. =)

Oh, one other thing. I thought Black Friday was the Friday after Thanksgiving. I mean, at least, that's what we say around here. What Black Friday do you mean?

Anyway, I hope you day gets better. I sending warmer weather wishes your way.

Oh, and my word verification below (Pholuou) looks like a Hawaiian word. My wishes are working already. =)

Nancy Beck said...

Wow - shows you how often I shop for anything other than groceries. ;-)

Anything Hawaiian - or Floridian - would work for me right now.

Even southern California weather would do me fine. At least the temperature is above freezing right now (Christmas Eve), although I can do without the rain (see southern California above).

Merry Christmas! :-)