Jones Harvest

If you've been scammed by Jones Harvest - a vanity press - go to this blog:


and see what Bonnie Kaye is doing to try to help those victims. (If nothing else, at least you can vent if you've been taken in by Jones Harvest.

And, hopefully, Brien Jones knows by now that Lee Goldberg is a guy, lol.

Love and kisses,

~Nancy Beck


Airleaf Victims Fightback said...

Hi Nancy,
Thank you for your note about Jones Harvest publishing. It is so amazing to me that there can be such fraudulence allowed to prevail in the world of predatory publishing. I am doing my best to put a stop to it after leading the campaign to close down Airleaf Publishing where I have over 500 member of my Airleaf Victims group. Brien Jones was the former Executive Director of that company, and he left a year before they closed in hopes that he could make the money for himself instead of Airleaf. He has robbed people of thousands of hard-earned dollars, mostly elderly, disabled, and non-English speaking. If people feel have been a victim and they would like help in pursuing government action against this company, please feel free to contact me at Bonkaye@aol.com.
Thanks again for bringing this to light.
Bonnie Kaye, M.Ed.

Nancy Beck said...


Without people like you and Victoria Strauss (and many more too numerous to mention), even more wannabe writers would be out a lot of money.

It sickens me.

I'm only too glad to put the word out on scamsters like this. (And I remember your good work with Airleaf,too.)

Continued good luck on this, and thanks for what you do.