What Am I Reading Now?

After finishing the wonderful Magic Study, I decided to dive into one of the many books I ordered just after New Year's.

My choice:  Ill Wind, by Rachel Caine.  It involves the weather in a fun, weird, interesting way.  The MC, Joanne Baldwin, is sassy, drives a classic Mustang (yes!), and needs a roll in the hay desperately (which she eventually gets, but I'm not saying with whom).

Suffice to say, I ripping through this one just like I did through Magic Study.

Getting Back to a Prior Book?

Question:  Will I ever get back to A Secret Atlas?  Well, it's still downstairs next to where I normally read, so there's always I chance.  I decided a couple of years ago that if I didn't like a story I wouldn't push to the very end; as Adam West said on a Nick At Nite commercial, "Life's too short to watch crap."  (Imagine him as the TV Batman, using that same deadpan voice.  Totally unexpected, my hubby and I were hysterical the first time we saw it.)

I haven't completely given up on A Secret Atlas.  I think I just needed to read a couple of stories with women for MCs.

Love and kisses,

~Nancy Beck