Could It Be?


I can't believe it...but it's true.

Bouncin' Bobby Fletcher and his pseudopublishing empire are going down for the count. (He calls his "publishing company/agenting business" AEG, now, as opposed to Writer's Literary, etc., or whatever the hell else he was calling those entities.)

May the Florida Attorney General remove as much money from his wallet as possible! (Maybe in time for Thanksgiving! We could all give thanks that Bouncin' Bobby's businesses were truly laid to rest and not scamming anyone anymore.)

The mind boggles.

Read about it here and here and here.

Rock on! :-)

Love and kisses,

~Nancy Beck


Billy said...

There are so many scams out there. As a ghostwriter, I have to keep abreast of these for my clients. There are so many agent/publishing enterprises, and I haven't seen one yet that is legit. WRITER BEWARE calls most of these write/agent/publish schemes conflicts of interest ... and thery're right. Many of these companies are NYC-based, and they get sued and just incorporate under another name. Indeed, I lose a lot of business to these outfits, which have a corporate gloss to hide the scam. Nice post.

Nancy Beck said...

Thanks, Billy, for stopping by. To me, this was one of those things I had been watching for quite some time (too long, in fact), and I was filled with hope that something good was going to happen to those poor souls who were taken in by this con man (and his online alteregos).

I truly believe that bad karma will eventually catch up to you, and when it does, it's not fun.

Nancy Beck said...

BTW, whether they're based in NYC or not, I agree: They're all scams to keep your wallet as far away from as possible.

Again, thanks for your post! :-)