Lots More Reviews to Come

Since I've been officially fired by the company, I truly have more time to read (I can get books for free off Paperbackswap if I can't find one at the bookstore or online).

I'm going to register at a couple of different agencies to see if they can find me something (even though I've been sending resumes off for quite a while now).

Next up will be the rest of the Mistborn series, two books in the Temeraire series (Naomi Novik), and the 2nd book in the Crosspointe series (Diana Pharoah Francis). Speaking of Ms. Francis, I'll have to look, but her PR person or someone sent me a copy of the first book in the her urban fantasy series - talk about totally out of the blue, Batman! :-) I'm looking forward to reading that very soon.

Onward and forward!!!!!!!! :-)

Love and kisses,

~Nancy Beck