Naomi Novik

I originally thought about posting a Scott Lynch vid (he of Lock Lamora fame), I decided on a female writer instead, Naomi Novik in particular.

Depending on how you look at it, she either writes historical fiction with a fantasy bent or historical fantasy; I'm going with the historical fantasy label (because that's what I'm writing). Either way, history is an important element of the story.

BTW, some critics of her later books are saying these books are becoming more alternative history than historical fantasy.


To me, it's still a good read, whatever label you put on it. According to Ms. Novik, in the vid anyway (filmed in 2008), this one goes to nine (not 11, lol). I need to stock up ye olde PayPal and buy her latest, which I've neglected to do - not that I don't have anything to read :-). My TBR pile is up there, trust me.

One of the reasons I like the Temeraire series is the dragon is so smart and erudite and curious. Maybe that's how I look at myself (hah!), although some would beg to differ. In fact, that's the problem the MC in my WIP (Viv Cambridge) looks at herself, so I don't have a problem with self deprecation.

As I said, this is a Q&A (Part 1) at a bookstore in Seattle back in July 2008.