A poster over on the AW blog started a February blog chain (of course I missed out on "signing up" for it, lol).  So, instead, I'll be doing that on my own - although the OP did say that "Bloggers, you are welcome to join in as we progress."

And I'll get my chance...whenever the chain gets to me (could be a while).

So here's my take on it all.

Antagonists - Part 1

Describe your antagnoist in 50 words or less.

Well, since I have two current WIPs, I'll do it for both.

Background for Personal Demons:  The Home Front, World War II, Los Angeles.  The federal government has enacted a law where all people of Japanese descent are to be rounded up and put in internment centers. (historical fantasy)

First, for Personal Demons, wherein the antagonist, a Japanese American, is masquerading as a Chinese, calling himself Charlie Lee:

Born to first generation Japanese (issei), Charlie Lee isn’t his real name, but he needed to stay out of the internment camps to kill his impure sister and unborn child.  Physically he’s skinney and slight, but he doesn’t need a human body in order to accomplish his ends.

Background for Changing Faces:  A woman in a small New Jersey town has magical powers that lead her to believe a landlord in an old house might know about or is the focus of evil invading that town. (paranormal suspense)

With most of his face disfigured in the Vietnam War, Mr. Underhill feels lucky his stumpy hand was healed by a creature he encountered when separated from his platoon.  He feels the only way he can go through life with his hideous face is to do his own cosmetic surgery.
As you can see, I don't have this one all worked out as yet (the guy's name is just a working name for now).

Antagonists - Part 2

What would you say to your antagonist if you met him or her in real life? Post a scene in response to this question in 100 words or less.

Personal Demons:

The small, skinny man’s Asiatic eyes dart about and he hugs the walls as he eventually sidles past me.

I can't resist.

"Excuse me," I say. He turns, scowling, and I hesitate. Will he hit me? Then I notice his "I am Chinese" button. Of course. "Is someone after you?" A sudden thought of being involved in a shoot-'em-up is eased by his wavering smile.

"Um, I am looking for my sister. She is...in a bad way, and I need to talk to her boyfriend."

He doffs his hat as he skulks away, while my skin prickles.

Scary liar.

I did this in present tense because I can. :-)  And keep in mind that this takes place in 1942, so I'm imagining how I might have looked at things back then.
Changing Faces:
I hear strange things about the landlord. His apartment is on the second floor, and the floor creaks as I approach the door and rap on it. “Mr. Underhill?”

The door groans open, as if stricken with arthritis. A person stands there with a hood drawn taut over most of his or her face. Shadows amid the dim light. “Who are you?”

“The new owner.” Deep male voice. “Need to check something.” My eyes take a minute to adjust, but I notice the jumble of furniture and papers. Clear jars litter the floor.

“They’re for preserving,” he says.

Again in present tense.  Just little teasers, heh.
I'm not sure if this is what the OP had in mind, but I'm running with it anyway.


Eliza Faith said...

love the arthritis line! Good job!

Anonymous said...

Men with interesting secrets.

Good stuff.

Anonymous said...

That sounds interesting, a paranormal tale during WW2 Japanese interment camp. Go you!

Nancy Beck said...

Thanks for coming over, folks! :-)

The one is a paranormal suspense. The WWII ("the big one," as Archie Bunker used to say) story I'm calling historical fantasy.

Or maybe it's historical fiction with a fantasy twist.

And this story isn't going to take place in a Japanese internment camp, I'm thinking of turning that one into a duology, with the protag trying to track down the Japanese American woman after the war.

Because she feels guilty, major guilty.

But I first want to finish the paranormal suspense tale and get it out there, because it's actually outside my comfort zone (it's that romance element that's making me a bit squicky, even though it doesn't exactly get hot and heavy, lol).

Thanks again for dropping by. Glad you enjoyed my flash fiction stuff. :-)

Anonymous said...

Those are very unique story lines, I'd like to see how that plays out.