Maria V. Snyder

I've loved Ms. Snyder's Study and Glass books.  Poison Study was especially an eye opener for me - plenty of humor, some romance, danger...really good stuff.

I know she has a new book out that's not in the universe of those books, and I'm not interested (at this point) in reading it; it's dystopian, which isn't what's stopping me, it's just that I have SO MANY books to read, lol.

Anyway, I found the following interview of her.  She sounds like a really lovely person (and I get her email newsletter), and when I reviewed Poison Study way back when, she actually went out of her way to comment on it (nicely, of course).  Although I understand why authors are a little hesitant to get in touch with readers (I understand about stalking), I've never done more than one or two emails back and forth between an author and me (yes, I've contacted two other authors, one on one of his novels, the other on an author's online short story).

So, um, what was I talking about before I went on my spiel?  Oh, yeah, the interview of Ms. Snyder.  She mainly talks about the Glass series.