My Writing

Even though I haven't had much time the last few days to write, I did manage a little bit yesterday (yes, all new words, no rewriting) on my paranormal suspense story, Changing Faces (which might get a new name).

Not that the new name will be that much different, mind you. ;-)  I might change it to Trading Faces, but we'll see.

Changing Faces:  about 1,000 words.

I also want to finish up the first short in my series of shorts.  I don't yet have a name for this particular short, but the entire idea is based on an old movie (doesn't that figure for me?), Grand Hotel.  It's about a group of individual people in a Berlin hotel (this is before World War II, naturally), and their individual stories.  Greta Garbo plays a ballerina, John Barrymore is a washed-up actor (fantastic acting), Joan Crawford, Wallace Beery, and John's brother, Lionel (you know, Mr. Potter in It's a Wonderful Life?), are all in this movie.

Of course, I'm adding a fantasy element to these stories, and there's one character who's going to be in all of them, although in a more minor role.


Lindsay said...

Sounds like progress! Good luck with the stories. :)

Nancy Beck said...


Thanks SO much for dropping by. :-)

Your book, The Emporer's Edge, is next on my To Buy list.