Dorchester Publishing Boycott - NOT An April Fool's Joke!

I'm taking a break from my Vid Fridays thingie.

Saw this at Anne Marble's site/blog.

Why is there a call for a boycott?
A direct quote from Ms. Marble's post:
Not only is Dorchester not paying authors, which is bad enough, but they are also selling books to which they no longer have the rights. Say what?! In [Brian] Keene’s case, even after the rights were returned to him, Dorchester continued to sell editions of his books for the Kindle, Nook, iPad, and other devices. Dorchester kept making excuses, none of which he believed. However, most authors, like Keene, don’t have the means, let alone the time and patience, to sue Dorchester.

Without the authors, Dorchester as a publishing company is nothing.  Nothing.

This is just plain wrong.  You contract for services, you have to pay for those services.  Period.

And to sell ebooks when rights were returned to the author is also very, very wrong.

I don't read any Dorchester books (their imprints include LoveSpell and Leisure Books), so boycotting them is easy.  But if you read any of these imprints, consider boycotting them, to help support writers who are getting screwed.