Slowly I turn, inch by inch...

Oh, sorry, that's an old comedy routine (probably made most famous by The Three Stooges).

Anyway, I finally set up a separate checking account for my own publishing company (lol), March Winds Publishing.  It's with a local bank.  The lady at the bank was very polite and helpful; it's truly free checking.  No minimum that you have to keep in the bank or you get fees - nothing like that.  And I get a debit card with it, too; for me, that's necessary, in that I need to upgrade my laptop very soon.  (I'd like to get it before the Amazon Prime trial runs out.)

Now I've just got to get out of editing the first book, which I'm hoping is the end of this month.  I've already got the idea for the cover, yadda, yadda, yadda.  So many things to think about, but it's fun despite all the headaches. :-)

I'm shooting for my late father's birthday (June 1).  We'll see.


Anne-Mhairi Simpson said...

How exciting! What's the book called? And I'm sorry to hear about your father - I'm sure he'd be really proud of you :)

Nancy Beck said...


Thanks for stopping by. :-)

It's called Changing Faces, and I actually got inspiration for it from a Beatles song (Eleanor Rigby, to be exact). It's the line where Paul sings about "the face in the jar by the door."

I originally thought it would be 1st in a series of novellas, but now I think it might be a tad longer than that - a short novel.

Anyway, it's about a 20-something woman who can sense people's feelings and can see their auras; she can "clean" dark (malevolent) auras in such a way to bring the light (harmonious) auras to the forefront. She's dealt with hostility most of her life, something she attributes to her being able to sense emotions and others unconciously knowing she's doing that.

In this opening episode :-), she has to deal with being thrown out of her apartment, only to be given one last chance to get right: a hunk down the street is getting these bad vibes. The woman investigates, only to find the apartment house he's living in is awash in dark auras...which can induce people to kill, if left that way.

When I first wrote this, I felt it was very flat; I've now poured my emotions into it and changed it to 1st person POV. I feel it's much, much better, and I hoping to get this done in June. Don't know if I'll make it by the 1st (thanks - I think my dad would be proud too :-)), but then there's my birthday in that month, and my mother's, so I have quite a choice to pick from. ;-)

BTW, I've enjoyed reading your tweets and your blog.

Much luck and success to you! :-)

Nancy Beck said...


Well, I did have a comment here, but Blogger ate it in the meltdown of the past few hours...

Thanks for that about my dad; I'd like to think he'd be proud of me. :-)

Anyway, the story is called Changing Faces, and I got the idea for it (years ago) from a Beatles song (Eleanor Rigby, to be exact).

If you know the lyrics, it says something along the lines of "where she keeps her face in the jar by the door..."

It's about a woman (Tessa) who's an empath and an aura cleanser, a person who unravels bad auras, allowing the good auras to flow. Disharmony and worse (killings, suicides) are hallmarks of the dark auras, while light auras bring back harmony.

As she's being thrown out of her apartment for non-payment of rent by her landlady's demon-like daughter, the landlady strikes a bargain: solve the case of weird vibes in the house down the street, and Tessa will be absolved of all back rent.

The weird vibes were reported by a hunk, and in between slobbering over him, she investigates, only to find the building is infested with dark auras. Tessa must find the source of the dark auras or all Hell - or something close to it - could break out in town.

Is the hunk the source of the darkness? Or is it the Vietnam vet who owns the apartment house? Or maybe it's the demon-like daughter?

I'm calling it a contemporary fantasy.

Good luck on your story! And thanks for dropping by. :-)