My Production Schedule

Wow, that sounds so weird - a production schedule. But since writing is a business - and I'm now a sole proprietor, lol - I already have ideas to finish out this novella/short novel series (99% sure it will be a trilogy, but who knows?).

Night Terrors

The 2nd in the series, Night Terrors, will be out in September. I'm shooting for beginning to middle of that month, God willing and the creek don't rise ;-). (Or "crick" as the people out where I live like to pronounce it.) I originally wanted to get the first one out on my birthday (June 21), then my mother's birthday (June 24), but neither of those happened. I was spending too much time on the cover, and as much as I love doing that stuff, I couldn't commit to putting it online. My original idea, I realized, was waaaay too complicated. It took me until the beginning of July to simplify that idea.

Lesson learned. And although it's not the greatest cover going, I'm happy with it. The whole self pub/indie thing is great because I can change the cover at any time (just like I can bring out a 2nd edition of a story), and it'll be live within a day or two.

Demon's Mother

The tentative title for the 3rd in the series, Demon's Mother, was originally called Demon Daughter; right now it's up in the air. The reason for the change was due to a plot change that came out of Me Olde Braine, probably hiding behind some stringy cobwebs. Or something. ;-)

Anyway, I have it scheduled for end of November/early December. I'll admit that I only have the sketchiest of sketches on this one, but I should have it worked out better once Night Terrors is up.

And I also have 10 Cent Wings, the short story, which I still want to shop around to magazines. It was rejected the other day, with a "Just wasn't for us" email, and that's okay. In the past, I would have been depressed to keep sending it around, but I don't have to be that way anymore, because I can always put it online. I'll probably pair it with another short, in the same universe...as I already have an idea for a story that will go well with the first. It's in the germination stage, though, so we'll see what we shall see.

Beautiful day here in the northeastern U.S. - go out and enjoy it!

And keep writing, no matter what! :-)


The East Coaster said...

"God willing and the creek don't rise..."

Oh whoa! You just took me back to my childhood.

Nancy Beck said...

@The East Coaster,

Thanks for stopping by.

Whereabouts did you grow up? Am I making too much of an assumption that you grew up in Pennsylvania? :-)

Just so you know, when my mother's mother came to this country, she went to live with an uncle in Wilkes-Barre, so I have some Pennsylvania roots.

Nicholas La Salla said...


Very nice! I'm glad you're starting to work on the next few books in your series. I have to put together a production schedule for myself as well. I work much better when I know what I'm supposed to be doing.

Good for you on publishing Changing Faces btw! The cover looks great.

Hey, where'd you get that super cool "My Books" widget on your website? That's a great idea.

Have a great day!



Nancy Beck said...


I'm an Amazon Associate, and I saw another writer set up something similar for his books, so I figured, why not? :-)

Try this:


(Yeah, I'm too lazy to do the html, lol.) Once you sign up, you should go to the widgets section of the Associate site, and it's sort of a step-by-step thing. BTW, I thought about becoming an Associate once I started doing book reviews (the book images have my Associate code embedded within, so, if someone clicked on the book image, if they then bought that book, I'd receive a few cents or whatever).

Sheesh, I can go on, so I'll stop. :-)