Literary Lawyers - For Those Wanting to Go the Trad/Commerical Publishing Route

Laura Resnick has been writing for quite some time, and drops in on Dean Wesley Smith's site from time to time.

Instead of going the agent route, Dean has suggested hooking up with an IP attorney, one who specializes in publishing contracts. (Especially since most agents don't have a law degree, yet IMHO they're acting as de facto contract lawyers). Considering the state of flux the publishing world is currently in, you need as many people on your side as possible, without having to give up that 15% of what your books earn as your agent's take.

But where to find vetted literary attorneys? I'm sure there are plenty on both coasts (New York and Los Angeles), duh, but which ones are worth using?

Enter Ms. Resnick.

If you want to deal with traditional/commercial publishers, she has compiled this small list of lawyers for whom she can vouch.

Thanks, Laura!