Fiction River

Dean Wesley Smith and his wife, Kristine Kathryn Rusch, are setting up and editing an anthology project called Fiction River.

You can find out all about it here. So why are they using Kickstarter to get funding? Because they know what it takes to get some seed or start up money. They started up Pulphouse 20 years ago or so and had to close it because the money wasn't there anymore.

Despite great stories and covers and all...they couldn't make a go of it after a while. A real shame.

They're asking for $6,000 and will give you some nice goodies, depending on the amount you send in. As I write this, they're already up to $5,284. Not bad for three days, eh? ;-) I think it's a great idea and REALLY hope they pull it off...and keep it going long term.

It's a win for authors because even if you're a newb you won't necessarily be shut out (it will be subject to whatever the editor of that particular anthology wants to do), and it's a win for readers because you know you'll be getting quality stories that have been professional edited.

I'll be giving something, but I just have to decide how much (considering I'm not exactly pulling in a lot of dough at the moment). We'll see...but it will at least be the minimum of $4.

Have fun, and keep writing!