Finishing the Short Story

I'll be finishing the short story at lunch today, which means it'll probably take me another week or so to get it into shape. :-) I have an idea as to how I'm going to end it (with the MC, Bella's, son Marcus and daughter, finding out something about the witch they're visiting...), but who knows? The characters could take me in a different direction, lol.

Hope everyone's (in the U.S., anyway) Memorial Day weekend was a safe and relaxing one. Went to a couple of parties over the weekend, to my one brother-in-law, another with good friends from the local bar. Good food and hilarious conversations (although there were some touchy moments on Saturday, at the brother-in-law's house; everything ended well, though).

I started another book just recently, Karavans, by Jennifer Roberson. This is a new author for me, but this is her latest. I'm up to Chapter 8 already (daggnabbit, left it at home!). It's about a bunch of people who are trying to latch onto a karavan after leaving their home behind. It's been conquered by another country, and they're trying to get to the woman's relations' home. However, that'll take them by a forest called Alisanos, which moves. (Shades of Lord of the Rings, there; huorns, I think those, um, trees/whatever were called.)

What I find interesting so far is all the religious stuff. Everyone believes in spells and charms and amulets and diviners. All kinds of cool/weird stuff. There are a couple of aliens, who can be killed, but they only completely die after the 6th time they've been killed. (They just won't let any humans know how many times they've been killed.) Anyway, so far, so good. I think it's a series ::sigh:: which seems to plague the fantasy genre more than other genres; yes, I know mysteries, like the Stephanie Plum series, are multi-book stories, but the particular mystery in the particular book is solved by the end of that book. Not so with a lot of fantasy series (World of Time, anyone?).

I'm not sure if Karavans will turn out to be the usual leave-us-hanging-until-the-next-book, um, book, or if it'll wrap up the main problem in this first volume. I have a feeling it's the former, but I'll have to wait and see.

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