I'm happy to say that the short story is still cranking along, lol. It'll probably be 5,000 words before this puppy is done. (The rough draft, that is. ;-)) Anyway, the MC and her son are now past the bridge and the toll collector (I'm not talking about NJ Turnpike toll collectors here), and are heading off to the countryside where the MC originally grew up.

She's really not sure if she wants to go back. Someone lives there whom she hasn't seen in a while...but she has no choice but to be reacquainted with that person.

I'm hoping to get this done in the next week or so. After that, I'll let it rest a day or two, only coming back to it after I take a look at my WIP (my novel, which has Egyptian stuff in it).

An Aside

Speaking of Egyptian stuff, I'm currently listening to a course on Ancient Egypt that's utterly fascinating. I got it from The Teaching Company. It's a big course, and it costs more than the other courses I've bought, but I got it on sale (and it was definitely worth the price). The guy who's the instructor is an Egyptologist, and his enthusiasm is infectious. As is his knowledge of Ancient Egypt. I mean, we're talking about a civilization that lasted 3,000 years! Sure, there were "down times" (when there was almost complete anarchy, like tomb robbing), but the kings/pharoahs reappeared even after those down times. Unbelievable.

The course isn't on sale right now, but if you want to check it out, it's here.

Keep writing!

~Nancy Beck