Does Your Query Need Fresh Eyes?

You've sent out your query half-a-dozen different times, and still you get nothing but rejections.

You scratch your head, revise it, revise it, revise it, send it out again...and still no takers.

Now you're ready to pull out your hair or spit or something.

Why not send it over to Evil Editor's blog? Although the post in question was probably from a week or so ago, I'm sure he's probably still looking for queries to rip to...er, I mean, dissect.

If you think you can handle a tad of sarcasm and humor, not to mention letting all and sundry see your attempt at a query letter (and believe me, I understand how tough those things are; I've tried my hand at it just for the hell of it a few months ago, and came away with a friggin' headache), then give Evil Editor a try. He and posters crit opening chapters (the first 150 words or so, anyway), and I've actually done that.

That was fun, even though quite a few people ripped it wide open. What made it bearable was the funny contination after those 150 words; I laughed for several days after that. In fact, it still brings a smile to face, just thinking about it. (And, yes, I do have the original Novel Deviations book at home; no way was I going to pass up a "publishing credit" [hah hah] and some good-natured humor to boot.)

Okay, maybe you don't want your baby to be seen in that way? You might also want to try Absolute Writer's Water Cooler, specifically, the Share Your Work part of the forum. (When you try to access it, you'll see the password; I won't post it here).

Sometimes a few pairs of fresh eyes is what you need to get back on track, and hopefully get those agents interested in your ms.

Any other sites, besides the obvious online crit sites, that'll help with query letters?