Spam From Agents

You go to your email address and find something you don't remember soliciting. It's from a "world class" literary agency (check out this Writer Beware blog post) called May Writers' Group.

You investigate, wondering who the heck these people are. The things that make you go, "hmm":

  • Website is on a free host
  • AOHell, I mean, AOL email address

A free host plus AOL email address. They want to keep it on the cheap, so they go with a free host. Not very professional. AOL? I can see using this (despite my vehement opinions against AOL), if the agent(s) worked as an agent elsewhere and is setting up his/her own shop. But as soon they started getting sales, I'd find something else (and just use a Yahoo or Gmail address as a back up).

Unfortunately, this particular "agency" doesn't offer up anything in the way of agent qualifications. Where did she last work? Did she place any books? With what publisher did she place those books? Nothing is forthcoming, at least so far.

The lesson to be learned: An unsolicited, generic email from an agency isn't worth your time. The agent is either clueless or wanting to separate you from your hard-earned money. Hit the delete key!