For Those of Us Lucky to Have An Agent...

...but have decided to make said agent a former agent, here's a link to how to talk (or not talk) about your former agent (from Kristin Nelson's blog).

Verrrry interesting, as Arte Johnson used to say on the TV show Laugh-In. I thought one of the comments was quite good and worth repeating - Be professional. After you've invested so much time, sweat, toil, and tears (to paraphrase Winston Churchill) into your Magnum Opus, getting an agent (a good, legit one) to rep your book is a dream come true.

But we need to take a step back and look at this dream in a business-like way: No easy feat, especially if we've been sending out queries and partials for what seems like eons. Sometimes, though, what looks like a good fit turns out to be anything but that. Well, Ms. Nelson has provided a little something for us to consider in case we decide to move on to another agent.

And check out the comments to the post, too. One poster provides a list of what to do to say bye-bye to your agent. Good stuff, but here's hoping none of us wannabes have to use that list!