For the SF in Everyone

That's Science Fiction, for the uninitiated. ;-)

Anyway, I was listening to the local, all-volunteer radio when the hosts brought up a little tidbit about Renssalaer Polytechnic Institute coming up with a battery that could be mistaken for a piece of paper.

It's a nanoengineered battery (hmm, makes me think of Star Trek Voyager, and nanoprobes). I find stuff like this quite fascinating; I've always been a sucker for NASA and going to the moon and the space station and all...

But I digress.

I point this out merely because we can get ideas from just about anywhere. It can be a small, simple article in the local newspaper, or it can be something that's mind blowing (to me, anyway) as this battery. It can come from listening to some music, or overhearing a passing conversation. It's when that certain "Aha!" or "Yes!" moment comes that makes you dance around like an idiot, looking for paper and a pen or pencil, just so you can get the thought down. (I've tried the "I'll remember by the time I get home/to work/to the bowling alley" but, trust me, it doesn't work.) It may turn out to be nothing...but you never know.

Live long and prosper.

~Nancy Beck