I found this in the free version of Publisher's Lunch:
Also in the UK, the Telegraph advises that "in publishing...books about the Second World War, fiction and non-fiction, look set to be one of the hottest phenomena of the next decade," with a "breadth and intensity of public interest."

Carlton Books has prospered with repackaged Commando comics; Headline is "republishing vintage true-life Second World War adventures including Odette, Boldness Be My Friend, and John Kenneally VC's The Honour and the Shame; Bantam Press has paid a six-figure sum for a series of Sharpe-style adventures about a Second World War infantryman by James Holland; and Bloomsbury will shortly launch my fictional series in a similar vein about a Flashmanesque hero named Dick Coward.
Interesting. I actually have a finished but stuffed-to-the-gills novel about WWII gathering dust. It's about a woman traveling back in time to 1942 San Francisco, to take a chance on seeing her birth mother. She gets back there by making a deal with an uppity Roman goddess, who won't tell her (or is not allowed to tell her) whom her birth mother is. Besides that, the MC messes up history somewhat. It ends on a bittersweet note...which I'm not giving away here. :-)

Following prognostications isn't the way to go, but as I've already got something along these lines...hmm...I'll have to look again at this after I finish my current WIP.



ERiCA said...

Sometime around March, I went to the Fun in the Sun writers conference in Miami, and one of the editors (whose name I don't recall--helpful, ain't I?) on the panel said that the nothing-after-1900 thing was a myth and she specifically would be interested in WWII era stuff.

Only a couple aspiring authors in the audience gasped with pleasure, so I don't think there's a glut on the market at the moment.

Best of luck!!!

~Nancy said...

It's good to know that editors out there are actually looking for this stuff.