Interview With Samhain Editor

Maybe you've decided your Magnum Opus should go the e-book route. You've exhausted yourself by going through a ton of agents and/or print publishers, and you really think it's good enough for publication somewhere (as long as it's not a vanity press).

If you're going the e-book route and have a romance or fantasy novel, you could do a lot worse than to go with Samhain Publishing. Yes, they also do print books, but you'll have to check the website to see what their policy is on that; you might have to sell x number of e-books in order for that to happen.

The interview with the editor of Samhain, Angela James, is here. It's a few months old, but it's relevant, in that Ms. James lets you in on (briefly, anyway) what editors do, and how (hint, hint) she was Samhain to expand beyond the romance genre (into SF, for example).

Might be worth your while to send your novel there, once they reopen to submissions (darn it, they closed it down pretty quickly - they must've received a ton in the last few days, alas).

~Nancy Beck